We’ve always been advocates for cross breeding cattle, especially when it comes to the Hereford – Angus cross. This particular mating offers many advantages for cattlemen including lighter birthweights, efficient growth rates, stronger immune systems, great carcass quality, longevity, and maternal ability. Not only are cattlemen beginning to see the heterosis advantage that Black Baldy cattle offer from a performance standpoint, but they also see the premiums that these cattle tend to bring at their local sale barn. Because of this a majority of our customers that walk through our door today come seeking a quality Hereford bull to place on their black cattle.

For many years, we’ve tried to capitalize on the advantages that Black Baldy cattle has to offer. We try to pay very close attention to detail when it comes to making our breeding selections and because of this we tend to breed a handful of our cattle to calving ease registered Angus bulls. These individuals could be heifers that may be younger in age and wanting to ensure that she can deliver a calf unassisted and reduce dystocia or cattle that may not fit the bill of our registered herd, but can still be profitable from a commercial cow standpoint.

Today, we have partnered with Buford Ranches, LLC located in Vinita, OK as our supplier of Angus genetics. Buford Ranches has been producing Angus genetics for many years now and are currently one of the largest cattle ranches in the United States. From a performance and structure standpoint, theses Angus bulls are very consistent and uniform sometimes making it a challenge to select the best bull of the group. Bulls that offer light birth weights, great heads and shoulders that offer calving ease potential, but show plenty of growth with impressive weaning and yearling weights. The individuals down at Buford Ranches have been great friends and allies of ours over the years and we look forward to continue to work with them in the future.

** Please note that these inventories have been updated as of 8/1/2018. All sales are conducted by private treaty and bull and heifer availability are subject to change.