WS Victor E187
Performance often translates to profits and this bull certainly provides plenty. WS Victor E187 is a powerful, stout-made bull with a pedigree built for longevity. Out of an approaching 8 year old cow with a proven track record and Victor 719T on the paternal side of his pedigree, we’re confident this bull will be progressive for any cow herd. Plus, this good-footed, short-marked bull come with an impressive, Genomically-Enhanced EPD spread.

BW: 3.6 • WW: 61 • YW: 91 • MM: 24 • M&G: 55

Pick of the Entire 2019 Female Herd
Opportunities to pick from a cow herd 107 years in the making don’t come around often. Dave was hesitant initially, but after some consistent pressure from his boys he decided to open the gate and offer all females. Years of intricate breeding and culling has developed Wiese & Son’s females into predictable and practical cows that are easy-keeping and excellent mothers. Structure, fertility, longevity, and udder quality can be easily found throughout this 500 head selection base. Whether you’re in need of a show heifer or hunting for the next great donor cow, we invite you out to the ranch for this great opportunity to improve your business.