Our Program

For over a century, we’ve been committed to producing dependable, practical, and profitable Hereford genetics. Our end goal is to ensure that our bulls, females, and feeders cattle are able to perform to the highest standard in any environmental condition. We’ve established a strict breeding program which pays close attention to structure, disposition, longevity, udder quality, growth and performance, milk and beef production, and mothering ability. Along with these traits, we also understand the importance and roll that EPD’s play for both commercial cattlemen and seedstock producers and although we’re not seeking chart bending numbers, we look to have a steady balance across the board to ensure our genetics may work in any breeding situation.

Throughout every calf’s upbringing, we try to take the proper steps to ensure that each individual has every opportunity to excel and reach their highest potential. At birth, each calf will receive a full vaccination protocol to assist with immune system health and build a resistance to certain pathogens and illnesses. We’ll also collect various performance data by assigning a Herd ID tattoo in both ears, collect birthweights, see whether they’re horned or polled genetically, and take a pigmentation score. We’ll also conduct a similar procedure for the calf’s mother and score their disposition, calving ease, mothering ability, udder suspension, and teat size. This information is then used later to assist us in making educated decisions come breeding season

Following calving, Cow / Calf pairs will then spend a majority of their time together on pasture. A few weeks prior to weaning the calves will go through another vaccination protocol, dewormed, and provided a corresponding Herd ID ear tag with access to creep feed to assist with bunk breaking. When the time finally comes to wean the calves from their mothers, we’ll collect another set of performance data for each individual, which includes weaning weight and a chute disposition score. At this time, each calf must meet a certain criteria to allow them to continue forward into our registered Hereford development program. Calves failing to meet the criteria will be placed into a separate group to later be feed out as feeder cattle.

From this point forward, the cattle will be fed a high roughage silage ration with access to free choice hay, salt and mineral, and pasture to allow for a more natural upbringing. We believe that by using these practices, it allows each individual to show their true colors and provide a more accurate representation of how they’d perform in a real life setting. At a year of age, the cattle will then go through one final stage of examination to ensure they meet our satisfaction. At this time, we’ll collect the last set of performance data which includes yearling weight, scrotal measurements for the males and pelvic measurements for the females.

The individuals that make it to this stage and have met the Wiese & Sons criteria and will then be available for sale by private treaty. It’s how we’ve done business and how we’ll continue to do business going forward as we want to get to know each and every customer on a more personal level and ensure we find the right genetics to meet your breeding goals. No bull will leave the premise without a breeding soundness evaluation and every animal sold is sold with the “Wiese Guarantee”. We’re available at your convenience, so we invite you to come on down and visit our operation and let us help you add profit to the bottom line and get the very most out of your cow herd.

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** Please note that these inventories have been updated as of 8/1/2018. All sales are conducted by private treaty and bull and heifer availability are subject to change.